Roofing in Surrey

Your roof is one of the most vital parts of your home, it protects you from weather and falling objects. It is critical to ensure your roof is well-maintained and in working order. Today, we are looking at roofing Surrey and why Chartwell Property Solutions is the best choice.

Why Choose Chartwell Property Solutions For Your Roofing in Surrey

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We are a family-run construction company based in Winchester specialising in new builds, property extensions, roofs, landscaping, and indeed any other type of construction work in Surrey and the surrounding areas. If you need a roofer in Surrey, look no further.

One of the benefits of hiring our company is that we are local so we know the best people to talk to for materials and deals to help bring your project to life at a competitive rate.

We have a reliable team of roofing and construction experts that would love to meet you and help your roofing dream come true. Our roofers will be with you from start to finish to offer guidance and expert information.

Don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews section on our website to see what our clients think about us. You can also view our online gallery that showcases our beautiful work; we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Have Our Flat Roofing Specialists Realise Your Flat Roof Project

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Any roof with an angle of 1 to 12.5 degrees is said to have a flat roof. Pitch roofing encompasses all angles between 12.5 and 85 degrees. A flat roof can be built from a wide range of products, including wood, felt, rubber, concrete, fiberglass, and plastic.

Despite being referred described as “flat,” practically all modern flat roofs include a slight pitch to allow rainwater to drain off. Modern flat roofing materials and enhanced installation methods have greatly increased the dependability of flat roofs, which are now viewed as a safe and affordable alternative to a conventional pitched tile roof.

Flat Roofs and Flat Roof Repairs

In general, depending on the size required and the kind of flat roof you select, you’ll pay between £1000 and £5000 for a new flat roof. Other aspects to take into account are the skill level of the labourer and the simplicity of access to the roof. All of this is in addition to other factors like scaffolding and other things. The construction materials utilised are another element that influences the cost. For instance, a rubber flat roof often costs less than a metal flat roof.

On average, each square metre of a flat roof will cost £100 to fix. The price depends on the problem. For example, if you just need a small hole on your flat roof patched up, this will cost considerably less than a whole section of the flat roof to be repaired or replaced. Leaks are more likely to occur on older flat roofs than on pitched roofs. Since many old homes have felt-and-gravel roofs, which are perfectly flat, rainwater has nowhere to naturally escape. Modern flat roofs are always built with firrings, giving them a 2-3 degree slope to allow for water runoff.

Hire a Local Roofer to Build Your Flat Roof Extension

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Extensions with flat roofs are becoming increasingly common in recent years. Flat roof alternatives are currently fashionable and in vogue in part as a result of the advancements in design and invention of roof services. Additionally, it can be related to the fact that this kind of extension is typically the most economical way to add some much-needed extra space to your home.

There are several reasons to employ flat roofers and they should be your first choice if you’re building an extension. First off, they are typically far less expensive than other roofing systems, making them an obvious choice for the home renovator on a tight budget.

Many of the top roof specialist designers choose to use a flat roof extension since it is fashionable and on-trend. This is partly because of the flexibility they provide, but it’s also because they play a big role in the emerging trend of eco-friendly homes.