Quality Developments For Sale in Surrey 

Surrey is one of the United Kingdom’s most desirable places to live. It is an easy drive to London, less than 50 miles down the road from Surrey. It is an easy drive to London, less than 50 miles down the road from Surrey. So why not consider new builds in Surrey.

It is a place that offers the best of both worlds – beautiful lush green land for those who prefer to live in more of a country away from the city – yet plenty to do in the city, such as museums, pubs, restaurants, and shopping.

With a population of over one million and counting, it is no new surprise that people love living in Surrey and consider it a top place in the UK to live. People are expanding out of London, and Surrey is a great area, given the distance on the map.

With a sought-after city like Surrey comes the need for new homes, and people should be able to get what they want without having to go through large developers.

We specialise in smaller new builds Surrey – three or four-bedroom homes for families that want to live in a more modest, cosy home. 

Chartwell Properties and Developments is here for the lives of our clients to help them get the dream home build they so desire in Surrey without the hassle.

We are a family-operated business who have been helping customers in Surrey and other areas of London for years with new builds of homes and refurbishments of current homes.

Customer happiness is crucial to us; we are not trying just to make a sale. We uphold rigorous quality standards and build and renovate homes that feel brand new and will last our clients a lifetime.

We are happy and beyond excited to continue constructing homes in the Surrey area. We are not here to make a sale for customers who want to buy a home – we are here to ensure that our customers are happy and confident through the entire process. 

Stop Paying For Rent – Find Your Forever Home With Us

We are excited to be part of the Surrey community. New homes, new builds – we are ready to get started helping new clients get ready to move into their new homes.

We mentioned we build houses with a smaller floor plan, such as three and four-bedroom homes, which is perfect for a family ready to buy their first or second home in Surrey.

We also have built a one or two bedroom detached house on properties in Surrey that already have a home.

We have a construction team that pays attention to each of the details of each place we build – big and small. We make sure there is no detail missed during the house-building process.

When you rent, you are initially giving your money to someone else, and likely paying a decent dollar to the property owner and never seeing an investment.

If you have the means to buy, it is an investment that has the potential to last forever. We always have homes for sale and will work with clients to build their custom house competitively with other development companies.

On our website, you can check out new builds or renovated houses for sale to buy in Surrey and surrounding areas.

Also, look on our website to see if a housing list reduced today; sometimes, you may find something you love at a reduced price. You have an entire team that you will work with to help you find or build your new dream home and make sure you buy what you want.

Check out our latest developments in Surrey!

Featured as a Master Builder with the Federation of Master Builders

Fun fact about us – you keep seeing that we have Master Builder certification on our website.

As mentioned, we stick to high-quality standards with new and renovated homes, whether it is in Surrey or anywhere else we build.

Because of this, we passed for a membership with the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). Because of the high standards required to be in the FMB, it is a challenging feat for those who want to join the membership. They are strict about the safety and quality of any new build.

They require anyone who wants to join to undergo a meticulous inspection process as part of the application. There is no way to “buy” yourself in, which makes it even more gratifying that we became part of the Federation of Master Builders. 

Check Out Our Reviews & Contact Us Today

Our reviews speak volumes. They are earned from our work with clients around the London and Surrey area that has worked with us to purchase new builds and renovated homes.

We want to get you out of the life of having to rent and help you find your new forever home.

If you wish to view any of our new or renovated homes available for sale in Surrey or surrounding London areas, or talk to us about a new build, feel free to email, shoot us a message, or stop by our office down the road in Sevenoaks near London.

Call, email, save! Your dream home could be right down the road. We look forward to hearing from you.