Home Extension Surrey

Who’s reliable for a home extension Surrey?

Chartwell Property Solutions Ltd are a home extension Surrey company with a team of experienced and professional builders at the ready to offer competitive house extension prices in Surrey and the surrounding areas. They are trustworthy, accommodating, dependable, and really skilled at what they do, and they are aware of how important a decision it is to decide to have work done on a home.

What property permission do I need for a house extension in Surrey?

The greatest distance you can typically extend from the original property for other types of properties is 6 metres without requiring planning permission, whereas the maximum distance for extensions on detached houses is 8 metres.

Before constructing house extensions to a single family home or duplex, submit an application for an expansion permit. For an extension to an existing building (single family home or duplex), you require an planing permission in Surrey.

Are house extensions prices high in Surrey?

The foundation and roofing of an addition are its most expensive components of a house extension in Surrey. Home extensions with only one story are less expensive and easier to construct than those with two stories. Select standard-sized windows and doors because they are less expensive and easier to install.

Who can design a house extension?

Even though some builders can design your addition or use pre-made building plans, it’s often preferable to engage an architect. Choosing an architect recommended by the contractor has certain advantages because it assures that the two parties are acquainted.

Locally owned and operated Chartwell Property Solutions Ltd consistently offers a superior service at a reasonable cost. Their competent staff of specialists, who are ready to satisfy and pay attention to the needs of their clients, produces work that is unequalled. If you are unsure of what you want and would benefit from their advice, their team may be involved in any project from the very beginning of the design phase.

What are bespoke house extensions?

A bespoke home extension in Surrey is frequently done by adding extra space, either single or double story, to the side or back of the property. Extensions come in three primary varieties: side return extensions, rear extensions, and wrap-around extensions. A side return makes use of the empty space along the side of a building, whereas a rear extension takes up the area in the backyard garden. An extension that wraps around does both.

How long would specialist property house extensions take?

The duration typically ranges from 7 to 15 months (often much longer), depending on the size and scope of your extension. This is due to the wide variety of procedures, specialists, and uncontrollable variables involved in building an addition. Securing reliable home extension builders and planning permission will ensure a smoother process.

There is a lot that goes into a new house addition, from the foundations to the masonry to the roofing. Because of this, the complete procedure often takes 8 to 16 weeks. Choosing whether or not to live on-site is a crucial choice you’ll have to make.

How much value does a house extension add to a property?

You can anticipate an increase in your home’s value of about 5-8% for a typical single-storey addition home extension. Obviously, this will rely on the extension’s size, style, and precise design. Hiring local Surrey house extension builders from Chartwell Property Solutions Ltd could save you a great deal in the long run.

What is the most affordable option to build an addition to your home?

Keep your expansion design as straightforward as you can because it is expensive to construct curves and corners. The greatest method to cut costs for a single storey expansion without sacrificing the quality of the construction is to use a rectangular or square footprint.

A home extension is the best option to increase living space, whether you are expecting a child, have adolescents living in your home, or just want to design the ultimate retreat for leisure. Extensions save money compared to moving and increase the value of your home in case you ever decide to sell. Hiring a local Surrey builder can save you a great deal.