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Are you looking for a reputable reliable bricklaying contractor available for extensions Berkshire, Southern England? Then you should look no further than Chartwell Property Solutions, the specialists in home extensions. Their brickwork and landscaping expertise covers all areas for home extensions Newbury, Reading and Berkshire and as far west as Bristol.

The Home of Innovative Design & Brickwork Craftsmen

With this article, we will explore the stunning craftsmanship Chartwell Property Solutions offer. Exploring how they have been crafting extraordinary extensions for many years. Seamlessly blending dreams into reality across Newbury and its picturesque surrounding areas. 

Our Team is Here to Help

We are a local company that will always carry out tasks to a high standard and at an affordable price. Our team is trustworthy and eager to satisfy and listen to the demands of all of our clients.

We are here to help with the design process and any planning permissions that may be needed. We thrive on problem-solving, so we will come to you with solutions for any obstacles encountered along the way. 

We also take great pride in all of our work and like hearing from our clients once a job is completed.

Home Extension from Concept to Completion

Starting a home extension project and seeing it through to completion is a big undertaking. It needs careful preparation and expert guidance. This ensures a smooth and effective transition through each stage of the process. Making it essential to consider the services of our experienced home extension builders. 

Mastering the Art of Matching Existing Brickwork

As home improvement experts, it’s important to match the existing brickwork on your home. The bricks must be of the same size, texture and colour to blend in seamlessly with the original structure. 

This ensures that any new brickwork seamlessly blends with the existing property. Thus maintaining its aesthetically pleasing look and historical value.

Preserving Architectural Legacy

The same goes for building conservatories, for construction, we select base bricks that match your house brickwork perfectly. This process means any conservatories we build, the property’s look is retained, preserving its architectural character. 

Our goal on every project is to replicate the appearance, orientation, and bond patterns of the original house brickwork matches seamlessly the original home brickwork. 

Building Your Dream Brick by Brick 

The construction phase begins after the design is complete and any planning permission has been obtained. We coordinate our team of expert brick layers, handle quality material purchases, and keep a close eye on the construction schedule. 

Supervised from Start to Finish

Regular contact guarantees that you are kept up to date on the project’s development. Any unanticipated difficulties that may appear will be dealt with accordingly. 

We supervise all the finishing touches that give your new room life as the project draws to a close. We promise your bespoke home extension will match your original idea thanks to our dedication to perfection. This includes everything from the roof down, such as interior paint and flooring, fixtures and quality fittings. 

The Final Walk Through Phase

Any necessary adjustments are done after a comprehensive inspection of the property and a final walkthrough. This is to guarantee that the finished bespoke house extension not only meets but also exceeds our client’s expectations.

With the completion of the walk-through phase complete. We can stand tall and proud knowing that our commitment to accuracy and craftsmanship has turned a client’s dreams into a reality.

Our Recent Quality Developments

By visiting our website, you can view our recent extension projects, here we showcase an array of proudly completed projects. Which displays our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the construction and development industry. 

Your Trusted Partner

Each project is the result of careful planning, imaginative design, and expert craftsmanship, creating spaces that go above and beyond expectations and improve lives.

Our presence as trusted builders and installers for Newbury and surrounding districts.  Solidifies our position as a trusted partner in transforming spaces and bringing dreams to life.

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Whether you’re thinking of a remodel, extension, or new construction, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to begin a path of collaboration, creativity, and greatness. Your dreams are only a discussion away from becoming a reality.

All contact information is available on our dedicated website, we look forward to hearing from you.