Construction Companies Surrey

So you have taken the big step and decided to hire a construction company to extend your property or build a new one. The construction industry has seen a major increase in popularity over the years with many people looking to create more comfortable living spaces and increase the value of their homes. There are many construction companies in Surrey, how do you choose the best?

Why Chartwell Property Solutions is one of the top construction companies Surrey

As construction contractors in Surrey, we recognise how important a decision it is to decide to have work done on a property, and we take great satisfaction in being dependable, helpful, and very good at what we do. Since we enjoy solving problems, we will approach you with solutions for any roadblocks encountered along the path. We like to relieve our clients’ worry by taking on the burden of the building process and even the lead-up to choosing the best building works.

Building Contractors You Can Trust

Since we are a local, family-run Surrey construction company, Chartwell Property Solutions will always finish any job to the highest possible standard and at a reasonable cost. Our crew is reliable and eager to attend to and pay attention to each client’s needs. We take great delight in all of our work and like getting client comments when a job is finished.

Refurbishments Projects

House Renovation

Home renovation is the process of updating, repairing, or improving an existing home. It typically involves making changes to the interior or exterior of the house, such as replacing outdated fixtures, updating the decor, or making structural modifications. Home renovation can range from small cosmetic updates to extensive remodeling that involves changing the layout or adding more space. The goal of home renovation is to enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and value of a home.

Home Extensions

A home extension is a construction project that adds more space or rooms to an existing house. It can be a single-story or multi-story addition that increases the overall size of the home. Home extensions are often used to accommodate a growing family, provide additional living space, or add value to a property.

Home Conversions Work

A home conversion is a type of construction project that involves transforming an existing space within a home into a new use or function. For example, a garage may be converted into a living space, a basement may be converted into a home theater, or an attic may be converted into a bedroom. Home conversions typically require significant modifications to the existing space, such as adding insulation, installing new electrical or plumbing systems, or changing the layout to accommodate the new function. The goal of a home conversion is to make better use of existing space and create a more functional and enjoyable living environment.

Complete Home Makeover Building Project

A complete property makeover is a comprehensive and extensive remodeling project that involves renovating the entire property, from the foundation to the roof. It typically includes a wide range of updates and improvements, such as replacing outdated fixtures, upgrading mechanical systems, updating the kitchen and bathrooms, adding new flooring and paint, and making structural modifications. The goal of a complete property makeover is to modernize and improve the entire property, enhancing its functionality, aesthetics, and value. It can be a significant investment but can result in a more comfortable, beautiful, and valuable home or office, including any garden areas.

How long does it take construction contractors to build an extension?

The time it takes construction companies Surrey to carry out any extension project will vary for a number of reasons:

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